What camera to buy? Black Friday deals? Where to start?

What camera to buy? Black Friday deals? Where to start?

So you've found out your loved one would like a new camera for Christmas or you just fancy getting yourself a new now but not a clue where to start..Then this is the blog post for you.

I often get asked what camera is a good entry level DSLR and again and again I always go back too this one.

One because I'm team Nikon and two because its a fab little camera, thats easy to use and is great quality for money.

Entry level Nikons tend to be the D3000 range with models rising in number as new models are launched. The thing is the model before is probably just as good but the newer model has an extra gadget's to attract newbies to photography but isn't necessarily that much better for shooting.

So heres my favourite....The Nikon D3400. It's the newest model, is compact, lightweight, easy to use and also shoots movie too!!

Lens that come along with the model tend to be a kit lens which is a general all rounder lens which is handy to have but if you know portraits is going to be your thing I would but the body only which is slightly cheaper and purchase the nifty fifty lens which is affordable and amazing for portraits.

Heres the best deals I've seen on my favourite model below but remember you can also get the slightly older model for nearly half the price! BUT it is only offering half the ISO so that means you will have to use your flash much earlier then you would with the new D3400 and the D3400 also has bluetooth!! Decisions?!

Im still sticking with the new D3400 with 18-55mm kit lens as my favourite entry level DSLR and heres the best deals up to now!!

Jessops, Argos and Currys all at £429 with free delivery!! BUT keep an eye on these prices Im pretty sure they might do a fantastic Black Friday deal!!

Once the camera is bought there going to need to know how to work it so ping me a message and book them on the next Jenna McGregor Photography beginners photography workshop in Arbroath. Where they will learnt to use that camera in full in just one day!! Ping me a message for more details or to book a place. The 13th of January is now sold out taking booking for the next workshop on the 27th January!