Did you get a new camera for Christmas? Unsure how to work it? Take a read..

Did you get a new camera for Christmas? Unsure how to work it? Take a read..

So like most of us you've probably ended up taking a wee read of this blog after being asked a few times what you would like for your Christmas? After thinking about it for a while a new camera sounded like the ideal present for you......

BUT you get this shiny new camera unwrapped and out the box You stick on all the new kit with it and start shooting away....BUT wait these images aren't what you signed up for when requesting a fancy all singing and dancing camera!! Sound familiar?!

Yip this was me a good few years ago. I had a new baby and was desperate to start shooting all those firsts....First Christmas, first giggles, first steps all those things that you want to capture to look back on.

BUT (yip another BUT) those images are not looking exactly as planned.

You wanted all that nice BLUR that photographers have!! Your Images are yellow and every time anyone in your image has moved its gone a little slow motion in your images!


SO this is where I come in. Yip online tutorials are fab if you have the time and patience to sit and listen or watch them!

ME not so good at that!! If its not washing or tidying or simply just getting organised to tackle another day as a self employed Mum of two boys I have little time to wash my hair let alone sit and watch an hours tutorial.

SO that why I started my beginners photography tuition and workshops. All you need is a half day or full day to yourself and boom that shiny new camera is your new best friend!

Yes you will get those images you want and in fully MANUAL (yip the setting all the pros use!!).

SO in a long blown out, probably horrendously grammatically incorrect blog post what I'm saying is....

I like spending a few hours with you chatting about how your camera works!!

I like when people have those "Agghh" moments when they start taking the images they want and also I like sitting, chatting and eating cake with no children whilst we do it!!

Sound like what your after?! Ping me an email and come along for some no jargon, straight to the point how to work your camera tuition.

Workshops are on promotion at £65 and one to one tuition half days at £125 if booked before the end of January.

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