Looking for a confidence boost? Need a goal to lose some weight? Take a read on why Boudoir may be the answer...

Looking for a confidence boost? Need a goal to lose some weight? Take a read on why Boudoir may be the answer...

A little about me….

I have a degree in Psychology and up to 3 years ago I was a National Account Manager for drug manufacturer Novartis!
A career that I built up over 7 years!!

So how did I become a Photographer?!!

My photography grew when my children were born it became a real passion and slight obsession!!
I worked for two years doing two jobs and then I left my career to follow my heart and do what felt right!!
Why?! Because life is too short to not be doing something you love!!!

So why Boudoir?

Let’s be honest who hasn’t had a few vino’s and tried to take a few selfies whilst balancing on one foot trying to get the perfect light?!
I wanted a Boudoir shoot which was
1) Local
2) Not expensive
3) Thats look classy and sassy not cheap and trashy!!

Why me? I like to shoot adults, I look to shoot ladies and I like a good blether!!
But above all I like that awesome feeling when you get to meet new people, find out there reasons for having a shoot and making them really smile when they see their images!
All my shoots are done from my home
Warm, relaxed and private with only myself present.
In two rooms. A pastel pale coloured room for them cute, laid back images and a darker room for those slightly sexier seductive images.

Hair and Make-Up
Hair and Make-up is done at Hope Hair and Beauty 5 mins away from my home in Arbroath.
Confidential salon with relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Keeps my home private for you and me only.
Airbrush make-up looks fantastic on camera and really makes a big difference to your images.
Its pamper time - additional services available to ensure your looking amazing for your shoot these include - eyelashes, eyebrows, spray tans, acrylic nails etc.

The Shoot…

A pre shoot consultation call is included in your shoot which is done a few days before your shoot.
We talk underwear, how the shoot will go and what to bring with you and expect ( underwear, jewellery and heel’s)
Shoot day - Hair and make-up is done before at Hope.
When you arrive at my home we look through all of your 3 underwear choices and we get started.
Everyone receives a dressing robe and a dressing room is present on each bedroom for you to change and touch up in private.

Boudoir Room 1

A great ice breaker room which gives cute, pastel, natural airy feely images and gets you relaxed into the shoot.
Images are laid back and cover your not so confident areas to begin with.
The tunes are playing so no awkward silences and a little less formal.

Boudoir Room 2
Darker, shadowed room giving deeper more sexy images.
These images always look amazing in black and white.
Where the second half of the shoot is done.
Everyone is more confident and really relaxed now and keen to get slightly more sexier images.

What happens next?

The shoot it’s self is 90 minutes long and we take over 600 images.
The day after I will send you a private preview of one of the images.
I then choose the best images and get started on editing every one of these images individually. (yip I can hide that tattoo you hate or smooth that little bit of cellulite that just won’t budge. Please just ask..)
Two to three weeks later you are invited along to the studio for a private reveal appointment where you can then select which usb package you would like dependant on budget and image choice.

Come say hello!
I totally understand that doing a Boudoir shoot takes confidence!
Having a photographer who understands what this means to you is important!
Message me, say hello and discuss a shoot with me.
Just £50 session fee to secure your date.

“Absolutely over the moon with my boudoir photos from Jenna.
The shoot itself was so relaxed and the photos are stunning.
Thank you Jenna you have helped to make me feel fantastic xx”

“I had a boudoir shoot with Jenna recently and was a bit apprehensive about the shoot in the days leading up to it, but Jenna's phone consultation put me at ease and gave me an insight into what to expect from the shoot.
The shoot itself was very professional and Jenna made me feel so relaxed throughout the whole thing. I did this for myself and I couldn't be happier with the images I received on my USB stick (which is lovely).
I would highly recommend Jenna to anyone for any type of shoot!! Xxxx”

“Just received my images from boudoir shoot and I love them. Jenna made me feel so relaxed during the shoot and I had a great time.
She is so professional and reliable and got my images without a hitch.
Already Booked to get family photos done.”

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